We've made taking donations on-site
easier than ever.


myOffering Kiosk includes a metal wall mount
and enclosure to assure the tablet can’t be tampered
with. The software is locked down so it can’t be hacked or
accessed by a non-administrator.


Studies have shown non-profits that
collect donations electronically on-site raise 25
percent more than those that don’t.


Customize reports to your needs.
Reports are timestamped and include the cardholder’s
name and the amount given – all from the swipe of a
card. Reports can be compiled daily, monthly or yearly.

"Visitors to our church are impressed by how easy myOffering Kiosk is to use.
Its usage has increased every week."

− Fr. Kent O'Connor (Pastor of Our Lady of Unity in Kansas City, Kansas)

"Shortly after installing two myOffering Kiosks, parishioners were incredibly receptive to them,
including those who hadn’t given in years. The kiosks paid for themselves in a few weeks."

− Fr. Ron Elliott (Pastor of St. John LaLande in Blue Springs, Missouri)

Is a donor’s personal information safe?

Yes. The only information stored locally on the kiosk is the first and last name of the cardholder, the amount given and the last four digits of the credit or debit card used.

Can donors pick the fund to donate to?

Yes. You can easily add multiple fund designation categories to the user experience such as General Fund, Bell Tower Fund and Little Sisters Special Collection. When a report is generated, donations will be organized according to fund.

What if the kiosk is damaged or broken?

For an additional $7 per month, we can insure the tablet against damage. The cost for a replacement unit would be $125.

What is included with the $20 monthly fee?

The $20 monthly fee applies to the myOffering Kiosk software and includes updates and bug fixes. It assures you will always have the most up-to-date software.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. PocketCake warrants that myOffering Kiosk is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from delivery and installation.

Why do you recommend a cellular service?

Wi-Fi can be unreliable; you don’t want to lose giving opportunities due to an intermittent Internet connection. We can install and activate a data card that utilizes a 4G LTE service. The service costs $20 per month. Cost is dependent on existing carrier rates and can change.

Do I need to configure the kiosk myself?

No. Your kiosk will be configured to your specifications before shipment. All you need to do is mount the kiosk to a wall.

Who owns the equipment?

The $1,299 initial cost includes the tablet, enclosure, wall mount and card swiper, all of which you own once payment is received. We maintain ownership of the software.

Who is the Merchant of Record?

myOffering Kiosk utilizes Stripe for payment processing. Stripe inherits any risk associated with a transaction. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to Provider Level 1.

How can I promote myOffering Kiosk?

We will provide you with a design for donation cards that givers can place in the offering plate during collections. In addition, we will provide you with a rollout calendar with tips on how you can best promote the kiosk to your congregation as well as two blurbs.

How should I mount myOffering Kiosk?

For stability, mount the kiosk arm on a stud. Also, make sure you’re utilizing an outlet in which the kiosk’s cord cannot be unplugged.

Can a donation appear on a donor’s yearly contribution report?

Yes. In each report that is generated, you’ll receive the following information about each transaction: the time and date of the transaction; the cardholder’s name; and the amount given. This information can then be assimilated into reports from other giving methods your church uses.

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